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Will Lexington Law Firm Really Improve Your Credit? A Lexington Law Review


lexington law review

The Lexington Law Firm is hands down the largest credit repair firm in the business.  They have helped over 500,000 clients tackle their credit repair problems.  Last year alone Lexington Law removed over 1.2 million items from their client's credit reports.  They have an excellent BBB rating of A+.

Even so, being the biggest doesn't always mean you're the best.  Read our full review to find out why we chose Lexington Law as our runner-up.

Credit Repair Ability: 5 stars

We decided do a Lexington Law review over an eight month trial period to see what they could do.  After all they have been in the business for almost 20 years so they must be doing something right.  Going in the tester had two scores in the mid-500s and one score in the low 600s.

After the first few months we noticed that negative items began dropping off.  Once Lexington Law started to dispute items on our behalf we dropped an average of 7 items per month.  At the end of the six month period our tester had their credit scores increase by 50 to 70 points at each bureau.  Thought this isn't a drastic increase the testing period was relatively short.  Remember credit repair does take time.

Lexington Law Firm Credit Repair Website

Ease of Use: 4 stars

Signing up for Lexington Law's credit repair program was a breeze. We were quickly given our login information. Once you have your credit reports, which you can give to them or they can order for you, they analyze your reports. This can take a day or two but they were pretty quick about it.

Using the dispute system is pretty easy. You check the items to dispute, give a reason, and the Lexington Law firm goes to work. The only complaint we really had was that the dispute system is more work than some of the full service credit repair company. This only a small complaint as it really doesn't take much time.

Customer Support: 4 stars

Customer support was, overall, a pretty good experience. Keep in mind that Lexington Law has offices in 16 states and they employ over 400 paralegals and agents. You will be dealing with a large business. Most of the individuals we spoke with were well informed but on occasion we were transferred a few times to speak with another agent.

Don't get us wrong Lexington Law knows what they're doing. At times though we missed the personal touch that we experienced with a smaller company like Sky Blue Credit Repair.

Better Business Bureau Rating:  A+
Member Since: Not a Member


The one time setup fee for all levels of service is $99.95. The monthly fee for the regular service, which includes unlimited disputes, is $49.95.

There are two additional levels of service, Concord Standard at $69.95 per month and Concord Premier at $89.95 per month.

Concord Standard includes additional interventions that they will do on your part. Concord Premier includes the items at the standard level as well as fraud protection, credit monitoring, and some other services.

We only tested the regular service so we cannot vouch for the value of the increased levels. For most people the $49.95 per month service level is likely adequate.

Lexington Law Review Overall:

4 stars

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

The increase that we saw after using Lexington Law shows why they are the biggest in the industry.  At times the service felt a bit impersonal.  All-in-all a very effective credit repair service.

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Business Contact and Profile

Name: Lexington Law Firm
Phone: (800)-768-2305
Fax: (877) 248-2920
Address: 634 S 400 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84101-2216
Original Business Start Date: July 1993
Principal: Mr. John C. Heath, Directing Attorney
Customer Contact: Ms. Kristine Grunander, Customer Service 
(877) 248-2920
Entity: Sole Proprietor
Incorporated: July 1993, UT
Type of Business: Credit Repair Services - No Advance Fee, Attorneys
BBB Accreditation: Not a BBB Accredited business.


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